About This Site

My name is Eric Spratling.

Not the cute one

Not the cute one

I’m a happy husband & father. My life turned out all the ways I wanted it to, but it took a perhaps unnecessarily painful route to get there.

I first made the main content of this site as a “note” on my Facebook page, where it was well-received but obviously reached a limited audience. Not to be prideful, but I think it contains lessons many of us (not just my son in the future) will need to learn & remember, so I decided to start a simple blog dedicated just to this one essay, so that it could be shared more widely.

It may seem a silly thing to do, but if this helps even one person, young or old, have a healthier view about themselves and their relationships, then I won’t have wasted my time.

As of now I plan for “A Letter To My Son, When He Becomes A Young Man” to be the only entry on the site. I may add future posts one day, but only if I decide to write on similar issues.

I have another website, called Grading Fight Scenes. As the name indicates, the topics discussed therein have virtually nothing in common with the content of this blog, so if you like this page it doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll be interested in my other work. But you’re welcome to give it a look.

In the meantime, this site will remain open for comment and discussion on the topic at hand. Thank you for reading!


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